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Saturday, Dec. 4th, 2021 at 10:00 AM EST

Exceptional auction featuring a collection of over 50 named medal groups, many of which have ben in a private collection for over 30 years. Also uniforms, documents, patches, headgear, and much, much more.

Highlights include:

-Medal, Photo, & Document Archive to US Navy Four Star Admiral Richard Colbert

-Named WWI Distinguished Service Medal Group to the 27th Division Surgeon

-WWII Uniform Group of Maj. Gen. Thomas Finley, 89th Div. Commander

-WWII Uniform of Maj. Gen. Ewart Plank, ADSEC Commander

-WWII SHAEF Colonel Medal Group to Officer who Peed in Rhine River

-WWII D-Day Bronze Star & Purple Heart Named Group

-WWII 509th Parachute Infantry POW Medal Lot

-WWII 1st Ranger Bn. Darby's Rangers POW Medal & Dog Tag Group

-1930's USS Arizona & WWII USS Honolulu Pearl Harbor CSC & Medal Lot

-WWII 8th AAF Medal Group to Only Survivor of a KIA Crew

-Korean War KIA Valor 1st Cavalry Purple Heart & Bronze Star Group

-Korean War KIA 2nd Division Purple Heart Group

-Famous Aviator Insignia & Ribbon Groups from the Former Harry Block Collection

-WWI - WWII Uniforms

-Field Gear

-Documents & Certificates

-Cased Medals

-Much more!

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