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About The Collection

The purpose of this website is to exhibit the uniforms and items from our nation's greatest military heroes and to honor their legacy of service. Biographies are pulled from various sources, and in some cases compiled from multiple open source documents, to highlight the history of the individuals and their military assignments and decorations. Where applicable, sources are cited at the conclusion of each biography.

About Me

This US Militaria collection began in 2003 based on a keen interest in military history. At first, all avenues of military relics were collected, although soon thereafter WWII became a niche area of focus. As time went on, I found a passion for high ranking US officer uniforms and have centered the collection on this sub-category.


Since that time I have collected, displayed, and sold many items of this nature and continually add new inventory to the collection. 


I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology earning a Bachelors Degree, and upon graduation was commissioned an active duty Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I served in this capacity until 2013, having served a yearlong tour of duty in Afghanistan. After the military, I entered  the field of civilian law enforcement and currently work in that capacity.