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Since 2003, Justin has been collecting Militaria of all types based on a keen interest in military history. At first he collected all military relics, although soon thereafter WWII became a niche area of his focus. As time went on, he found a passion for high ranking US Military officer uniforms and has centered his collection on this sub-category. Since that time he has collected, displayed, and sold many items of this nature and continually adds new inventory to the collection. He has set up public displays, taught military history in schools, consulted with museums seeking items, and been interviewed for magazine and news articles about military collecting. Justin is also an active member of the Ohio Valley Military Society and formerly ran the New York State Militaria Collectors' Association and conducted their semi-annual military shows. 


He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology earning a Bachelors Degree, and upon graduation was commissioned an active duty Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. He served in this capacity until 2013, having served a yearlong tour of duty in Afghanistan and earning a Bronze Star Medal. After the military, He entered the field of civilian law enforcement and currently works in that capacity. 


 Collecting all branches of United States military for Jeff has been an ongoing passion for the last couple decades. What started out as a collection of sports and coin related memorabilia as a child turned into a military, ancient coins, and artifacts collection as an adult.

     Graduating with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Education from the State University College at Oswego gave Jeff the passion to not only study history at the collegiate level, but also teach history in the public education system.

     Jeff currently collects signed General Officer Items. His collection surpasses over 6,500 pieces from Generals and Admirals that span from the Civil War to the modern era. He also collects military paper groups and spends considerable time researching these primary source documents to gain a better understanding of the men and women who committed to keep America safe.

     Jeff is the former Co-President of the New York State Military Collectors Association and has traveled the United States attending and showing at military shows. Jeff is retired full-time from a career in education that spanned 34 years. . Jeff is also an active member of the Ohio Valley Military Society.

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