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What We Specialize In


Well, the real answer is good quality ORIGINAL Militaria from all time periods, and we will accept consignments of anything meeting that criteria. But we often achieve the best results with US Militaria from 1900 – 1975 based on our respective areas of expertise.  We personally have significant experience with Groups, Uniforms, Flight Jackets, Medals, Patches, Insignia, Dog Tags, Helmets, Caps, Photographs, Autographs, Field Gear, Bayonets, Swords, Flags, Paper Ephemera, items from notable or famous military veterans, and General / Flag Officers. We will accept consignments of any original militaria, from any conflict or nation. Especially seeking consignors of WWII US and Japanese militaria. 


What We Will Not Sell

Note: Due to payment processor restrictions, we had to update the list of items we cannot sell at this time:


  • Fakes, reproductions, or items of questionable originality.

  • Firearms or Ammunition.

  • Single items valued at less than $250.00. We ask that you group less valuable items together into a lot, or permit us to do so for you. This does not apply if consigning a larger collection of items.


How to Consign With Us


1. Send us a message via email with a description and any photos you can provide. We strive to respond within one business day with our interest in selling for you and our low and high auction estimate. We will discuss placing your items in our next auction and answer any other questions you have.

2. We will send you a Consignment Agreement for your review and signature.

3. Mail your item(s) to our PO Box. Upon receipt we will examine, photograph, describe, and list it for auction.


4. Following the successful sale of your item(s) at auction, we will mail you a check for the proceeds less the commission.

Our Commission Rates

Many auction companies hide their rates of commission from consignors until after you have contacted the company and they try a sales pitch on you. We believe in transparency and openly advertise our rates so that you can make an informed decision. Many auction companies charge anywhere from 20-40% commission rates; We aim to shift the industry standard in favor of the seller while bringing superior products to our buyers.


Consider that an eBay auction, between site and PayPal fees, will cost you almost 13% of the total sale price. You have to photograph, describe, and list your item, monitor the listing and answer questions of bidders, and then collect payment and ship the item yourself. We do all the work for you and depending on the final hammer price, you may pay less in fees than you would as an eBay seller, with potential for it to sell for far more!

Items selling for $25.00- $1,000.00- 15% of final price charged to Consignor

Items selling for $1,001.00 - $5,000.00- 10% of final price charged to Consignor

Items selling for $5,001.00 or More- 5% of final price charged to Consignor

*For large collections or expensive items, please contact us for special rates!

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