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Notable Past Sales

Since our founding in 2003, we have bought and sold tens of thousands of items to collectors, dealers, museums, historical foundations, movie productions, history buffs, and everyone in between. We have sold items ranging from some of the rarest items in military collecting circles to those that most collectors would own. Some results we have achieved via direct sales in the past are listed below, and are a small fraction of the quality lots sold. All of the photos shown in the gallery represent past sales within the last five years.

  • WWII Sweetheart / Home Front Insignia Collection- $17,500

  • 1950’s Fatigue Uniform of General Matthew Ridgway- $12,000

  • 1960's Major General's Uniform, Paperwork, & Plaque Group- $11,700

  • Vietnam Major General’s Uniform, Paper, Plaque Group- $10,750

  • WWII – 1950’s USAF General’s Medal & Document Group- $9,000

  • Screen Worn John Wayne Costume- $9,150

  • Indian Wars & MOLLUS Medal Group- $8,330

  • WWII Insignia Group from General Jimmy Doolittle- $8,000

  • WWII - 60's General Group $7,960

  • OSS Uniform and Medal Group- $7,750

  • WWII – Vietnam Fighter Ace Uniform Group- $7,500

  • WWI US Pilot’s Uniform and Album Group- $7,375

  • WWII US Army Lieutenant General Uniform Group- $6,700

  • 1950's Navy Vice Admiral's Paperwork Group- $5,500

  • 1950's US Navy Vice Admiral's Document Group- $5,225

  • Korean War Purple Heart to a Decorated Soldier who was Killed In Action- $4,750

  • WWII 101st Airborne Cricket Group- $4,600

  • WWII SHAEF Colonel’s Medal Group- $4,550

  • WWII 5th Ranger Bn. Purple Heart- $4,530

  • Vietnam War Lieutenant General Uniform- $4,150

  • WWII Major General's Named M-1 Helmet- $3,675

  • WWII Fighter Ace Uniform- $3,250

  • WWII 101st Airborne Patch worn by Gen. McAuliffe- $3,000

  • And Many, Many More….

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