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CNY Militaria & Collectibles Auctions LLC

A Veteran Owned Company

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MARCH 23rd, 2024 at 9:30 AM EST
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NOTE: Once at the catalog, to register for the first time, click "Login" and then "Not Registered" to create a secure account. You must complete your profile to include your mailing address to be approved to bid.


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Some Notable Past Sales Shown Below

Why Choose CNYMCA?


  • Consignor commission rates among the lowest in the auction industry. Special rates for large collections or highly valuable items.

  • We accurately describe, photograph, and market items and groups, not just put them into poorly photographed piles like other auction companies.

  • Experience selling tens of thousands of items, many achieving price points at or above market retail.

  • An excellent reputation for customer service and fair and honest collecting ethics.

  • We source excellent, rare, and desirable items that will be featured along with yours at auction.

Who Are We?


CNY Militaria & Collectibles was founded in 2003 and has since become a well- known name associated with top quality US Militaria offered at fair prices. Our primary methods of offering military antiques were through venues such as our website, eBay, Facebook, direct to collector, and at various national and local military shows.


In 2020, we decided to branch out and create an online-only auction platform. For years, we have bought entire collections from collectors and dealers looking to move onto other interests or retire from collecting. The frequency with which we are offered collections to buy has increased and we needed a new medium to facilitate these liquidations while continuing to offer premium pieces.


Additionally, having participated in live auctions for years, we found aspects that we can improve upon to create a better experience for both consignors and bidders alike.  CNY Militaria & Collectibles Auctions LLC (CNYMCA), or CNY Militaria Auctions for short, is one of the most competitive and well performing auction companies available to collectors and dealers. We accept consignments of single pieces or entire collections at seller commission rates that are lower than most in the auction industry, ranging from 5-15% depending on the final sale price, with special discounts for large collections or highly valuable items.

Our Mission


CNY Militaria & Collectibles Auctions LLC will bring to market quality Militaria and collectibles in a well advertised and executed auction format to the benefit of both consignors and bidders.



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